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My first infatuation with photography began in high school when I borrowed (for an extended period of time) my grandfather's old Agfa range finder camera and hand-held light meter. As things got more serious, I saved my money and purchased one of the new "automatic" SLR cameras that were just coming onto the scene. As with other technologies to follow, the first generation was not quite ready for prime time. Realizing the disfunction of my misbehaving "automatic," I moved on to a fully manual Nikon camera and have been a faithful Nikon loyalist for all the decades since. And through all the transitions of life, from film to digital, from manual to automatic to manual to automatic & manual, my passion for photography has only grown.

As you review the galleries here,  I hope you recognize that passion and sense something of the awe and wonder and gratitude I feel for this amazing, created world. The gifts of light and color never cease to enthrall me. 

I truly hope you enjoy this collection. If there are any images that you would like to enjoy on a more permanent basis, I have included links for purchasing prints (including some amazing metal wall art prints) from a professional lab I trust in California.

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